Property management

We always look to establish a very close relationship with our clients to ensure each project or property is managed to the very highest professional standards, matching our client’s needs.

My Corfu Home offers a professional and personalized service for your loved home, and every detail is important. You can be confident that your property will be under constant supervision and perfectly maintained. One of our priorities is to look out for your privacy and safety; we always honor this principal.

Honesty is another important subject…you can count on us..!

Here are some of the services included in our monthly fee:

  • Bilingual assistance for interacting with local business and agencies
  • Management of household staff (if any)
  • Management of a working fund account
  • Payment of all bills, such as electricity, water, pool cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Weekly maintenance walk-through of your property.
  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance program covering all appliances air conditioner and automobiles (if any).
  • Monthly statements of the property

You can find out more about our property management services here: Corfu Villa Services


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